Pole, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks performances can spice up your event! Take a look at some of our performance photos throughout the years, and see what circus act can be the right fit for your concept. 

Click on a performance photo you like, and find what kind of performance it is. Scroll down for a description of each type of routine.

For all inquiries, get in touch with Kyla Ortigas at or 0917 701 7653. Please indicate what apparatus [pole, hoop, or silks] you would like at your event, how many performers, and how many minutes for the expected routine.

We'd love to perform at your event! 

Synchronized or Solo Pole Performance 

We can perform an acrobatic pole routine with two or more pole athletes doing the same routine side by side. Solo performances are also possible. 

Pole Doubles Performance

In a Pole Doubles performance, pairs of pole athletes perform the routine side by side. Pole Doubles amplifies the event by pulling off stunts that otherwise would not be possible with only one performer.  You may also request for one pair of performers. 

Aerial Hoop Performance

We can perform an acrobatic routine on a spinning Aerial Hoop. With stunts and tricks demonstrating agility and flexibility, this type of performance can add edge to your event! 

Aerial Silks Performance 

We can also perform a graceful routine on the Aerial Silks. Splits, sequences, and daring drops define this type of performance. 

Aerial Hoop + Aerial Silks Performance 

We can combine Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks in one number! Watch aerialists perform doubles and solo routines in one big performance.