Pole and aerial fun happens all over the Philippines, and all over the world! We are lucky enough to have been able to share the love with other studios. Here's a rundown of some past workshops, and more than we can also run at your studio.

Get in touch, we would love to come to your space! > info@polecatsmanila.com.  

CD in Pampanga, February 2018

Kayleen in Shanghai, August 2017

CD in Davao and Butuan, February 2017

Kayleen in Cebu, March 2017

Kayleen in Bacolod, July 2017



Learn the basics of moving and dancing around a chair. Students will learn transitions, balances, and basic inversions with a chair. Apply what you've learned in other areas of pole and aerial to this apparatus. The class also ends with a sexy AcroChair dance to put everything together! 90 mins. Studio must have chairs for students to dance with [1 student per chair]. 

Aerial Silks

Learn more ways to move in the air with one of our instructors! Find more ways of flight, with grace and agility on an Aerial Silk. 

Aerial Hoop 

Learn how to spin and flip on an Aerial Hoop! Expand what you already know on this apparatus with one of our daring instructors.

Basic Acrobatics for Pole

Learn how to use basic acrobatic movements in your pole routine. This workshop includes different leaps, turns, jumps, and flips that one can incorporate with other tricks in pole and aerial. 

Duality: Acro Doubles

Explore the possibilities of exercising in pairs. Students are expected to learn basic duo workout techniques, as well as fundamentals required to be able to lift one’s partner off the floor. This class is also an exploration of trust and collaboration, as pairs are able to try new things with the comfort of a support system, and are able to push themselves a little bit further.

Duality on Pole: Doubles Pole Workshop

Learn ways to move on the pole with a partner! Pole doubles champions Duds Ignacio and Kayleen Ortiz teach doubles tricks to create a full routine you can do with a partner. Having spent countless hours at the studio together, these two are extremely familiar with moving together and as one. Learn their techniques, and how they are able to do so with fluidity and mutual trust. 

Duality on Silks: Doubles Silks Workshop 

Take your aerial silks practice to the next level with this workshop. Designed for the more experienced aerialists, Duality on silks will cover doubles spins, tricks and partner work that is sure to build trust and strength in pairs. 

Flexibility for Pole and Aerial 

Let's explore where our bodies can go! Learn exercises that combine strengthening and active flexibility to complement pole and aerial tricks. Develop full range of motion, as well as the stability to use these movements on the pole.

Hot Heels

Explore ways to move around the floor with your signature pair of heels! If you aren't used to moving inches off the ground, there's no need to worry. This workshop will begin with heel clacking basics and ankle strengthening exercises. All the moves will be put together in fluid choreography by the end of the class. 

Pole Flow

Learn floorwork, floor-to-pole transitions, and how to combine these tricks with what you already know to come up with your own pole sequence. Students will learn a short dance incorporating techniques learned during the workshop. 

Pole MasterClass 

Learn from our Intermediate Pole teachers! Each one of our teachers has developed his or her own style and way to combine tricks on a pole. Learn from their expertise on drops, Spinny Pole, transitions, flips, and more. Enjoy a MasterClass of movement around the pole!