Aerial Competition Training

Polecats Manila offers competition training and preparation for pole dancers and aerialists who would like to take their participation to the next level. Polecats members have joined and been awarded in several competitions throughout the years, including the SG Pole Challenge, Pole Stars Malaysia, World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championship, Dubai Pole Cup, PPS Aerial Performance Tournament, and the Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Championships. 

Take your pole and aerial fitness to the next level, by competing in tournaments locally and internationally! 

Polecats Manila's Aerial Competition Training consists of a program designed specifically for the participating athlete. It includes a personalized set of classes that are more intense and intentionally targeted than regular classes. There will be a strong emphasis on strength development, flexibility, and endurance of the athletes in a program. 

Apart from pole and aerial tricks, the training also includes Basic to Advanced Acrobatics (turns, leaps, off-the-pole flips) and Choreography to create a complete competition piece. 

Both professional athletes and pole enthusiasts can inquire, as training starts not only when there is a specific competition in mind, but can also begin months before an audition piece is conceptualized. 

The program is created by Polecats Manila Head Coach Kyla Ortigas. Get in touch by emailing for inquiries about the training.