Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is the most important. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.


Do you have free trial? 
We do not have free trial classes. If you’re not sure to continue taking classes after your first one, you can avail of our walk-in rate. We promise it will be worth it! Visit our RATES page for complete information, including promos for first-timers. 

Why should I take classes in Polecats Manila?
At Polecats Manila, we believe in continuous investment both in instructor training and in equipment.

  • Our instructors get constant training here in the Philippines, and abroad.

  • We are the only school with a structured curriculum and detailed syllabus for each level.

  • We offer classes for different levels so you learn with progression.

  • Our Ortigas studio has 3 different rooms with 12 genuine X-Poles 11.5 feet high in Studio 1 and 6 genuine X-Poles 13 feet high in Studio 2. We have a 8 aerial set up in Studio 1 and 6 aerial set up in Studio 2. Studio 3 is an unobstructed dance space for flexibility, gymnastics and dance classes.

  • Our Ortigas studios also uses genuine Junckers hardwood sports floor, flooring for athletes that is easier on the knees.

Do I need to make a reservation before coming to class? 
Reservations are optional but highly encouraged. Some of our classes get full so to reserve your slot, go to If you have an active class card, you may click “redeem package” and enter your email address. Your class card and expiry should come out and you may book the classes you want. If you don’t have an active class card, you may pay per class online via PayPal or purchase class cards here.

I’m late, can I still join the class?
Our classes start and end on time. To prevent injuries, students are encouraged to join the class from the beginning. The instructor may not allow you to join the class, if you are late.

Can I take photos?
You are allowed to take photos on the pole as long as it does not disrupt the class. Please ask permission from your classmates if you’d like to take photos of them.

Can I use my Pole class card for Aerial Hoop and  Aerial Silks classes?
Pole class cards are for Pole, Flexibility and Dance classes but we have an ALL class card for all classes in your level including Aerial. Class cards also non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Can I use my class cards in your other branches?
Our unlimited packages are exclusive to our Ortigas studio, however we have a new 8 Pole Passport Package that you can use in pole classes in Beyond Yoga Alabang. Online booking is required for this, you may purchase this package here.

What are the payment methods you accept? 
We accept cash, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and all major credit cards.

Are your classes for women only?
All our classes are open to everyone.

Is there an age limit?
Our regular classes are open to everyone aged 18 and above. However, we allow 16 year olds to attend our classes if they present a letter of their parent’s consent.

Pole Class 

What can I expect from my one-hour pole session with Polecats Manila?
If it's your first time to attend, you can expect a warm-up to prepare for the class, some conditioning exercises, and introductory tricks and spins on the pole. From there, we move on to progress to the next level in your next classes.

Why do I have to go to a specific class level?
At Polecats Manila, we believe that to be able to become a well-rounded pole dancer, one must have a solid foundation of skills and tricks. We start from a Beginners level, so that from whatever fitness background one may come from, they can find a place in pole and aerial class. Once the basics are mastered, the tougher tricks will be easier to learn. We group students according to levels to improve learning process, and to minimize injuries.

I’ve tried pole in another studio but I’m not sure about my level, which class do I go to?
If you already have experience on the pole, join any of our Pole Beginners 1 or Pole Mixed Level classes on your first try, and inform the instructor that you already take pole. He or she’ll assess which class is suitable for you for the next time.

I've attended several Beginners 1 classes, when can I attend Beginners 2?
We follow a teaching syllabus that ensures our student's safe progression in pole dance. Your main instructor will evaluate you before you move up a level; this includes being able to accomplish a set of foundational spins and tricks. If you feel that you’re ready for the next level, consult your instructor for an evaluation.

What makes our teachers extraordinary?
Although not all of the Polecats have an intensive background in dance, all of them invest in continuous learning to make sure that teaching styles and tricks are up-to-date, and are constantly attending workshops here and abroad. They train everyday to become better and stronger teachers and pole dancers, and they want to pass on this passion and knowledge to you! :) 

I’m overweight or I'm not fit at all, can I pole?
Yes, you can! We have always believed that pole dancing is for EVERYONE, for EVERY BODY. Regardless of shape, size or fitness background, every woman is fit for this empowering class. Pole dancing promises a great workout but more than anything else, our goal is make women feel comfortable about their bodies. We don’t judge students according to body size. 

I’m too old, can I pole?
Again, we believe that pole can be for everyone and every body, no matter what age or fitness background. You are more than welcome to join any Pole Beginners 1 class for your first time! You can also opt to book a private class if that would be more comfortable for you. 

I can’t dance, can I pole?
Yes, definitely! Though having dance background is great for pole, it is not a requirement. Most of our students do not have dancing background at all. It’s normal to feel scared when you try something new for the first time. Eventually given constant practice, we are certain that you'll be able to dance and move more confidently around the pole.

I’m shy, can I wear a t-shirt and leggings to class?
Wearing a shirt to class is fine, but leggings are a big NO. Pole dancing needs your legs to grip and stay on the pole. Don't worry about it, we'll all be in short shorts, too! It’s perfectly normal to feel shy at first. Rest assured that all the teachers that handle our classes understand this, and are very friendly and accommodating. 

I’m scared of looking stupid, can I just watch a class?
If you feel that you would rather observe a class on your first day, you are welcome to. You are free to talk to the teachers and ask questions as well. 
It may feel a bit awkward at first, but as you attend classes regularly, you will eventually get the hang of it. One thing we can assure you is that you will improve and get better at it after a while.

I sweat a lot, won't I slip?
Sweat is normal and usually your body adapts. However, we also have a range of grip aids available to help you with your pole progress.

Kaya ko ba yan? Can I do it? 
YES! We can't wait to see you in class. 

Aerial Hoop or Aerial Silks Class

I have no dance, pole or aerial arts background. Can I still attend class?
Of course! We admit that having previous background may give you an advantage, but it is not required. Give it a shot! We all start from somewhere. :) 

Will I progress fast?
This will really depend on you. Just remember that consistency is key. Keep attending classes regularly, and take all the lessons to heart. There’s no need to rush, as well. Learn and master all the basics first before doing more difficult tricks.

How about a weight limit?
No. Our equipment are tested up to a few tons so no need to worry.

Can I still my use my pole outfit for Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks?
For Aerial classes, it would be best to cover up. We recommend full length COTTON leggings, and any shirt with sleeves. The more form-fitting your clothes are, the better as well. 

I’m scared of heights, but I really want to take class. Will I eventually get over the fear?
Our hoops are only around 3.5 feet away from the ground (around chest level), so there’s no need panic! As for the silks, the tricks start out low and progressively get higher. From our experience, that progression is the best way to get over the fear as well. Our teachers will be there to spot you and guide you through every word, so there’s no need to worry.

I have a sweaty hands. Will that be a problem?
Not at all, especially on the hoop. 

Can I wear lotion this time?
You may wear lotion, unless you’re planning to take a pole class within the day.

What’s the difference between your Aerial Silks classes and Anti-Gravity Yoga?
Anti-Gravity Yoga focuses more on getting into positions that help you relax. Aerial Silk is more about tricks that require a lot of control, and movement. The AGY silk apparatus is a hammock, while our silks are two separate ends from which you have to pull, climb, lock and stand.