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We are Polecats Manila, an aerial arts and pole fitness studio based in Metro Manila, Philippines. Since forming in 2009, we have been at the forefront when it comes to popularizing and promoting pole dancing and aerial arts as a venerable art form and fitness alternative.

Embarking on a confidence crusade for women and men from all walks of life, we set up the first aerial arts-dedicated studio in 2012 to bring Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks closer to more people. 

We believe that every trick, climb, and spin can become strength, grace, and art. As teachers, we aim to show every student that no matter their size, height or history, they are still capable of defying gravity. What we offer are not only classes, but also a community of encouraging and engaging students who bloom into their own brand of beauty.

Polecats Manila aspires to elevate every individual to a level they never thought they could reach—on the pole or off of it. 

Take a look at Polecats Manila throughout the years.
We formed in 2009, and still fly high today! 

Core Values

  • Polecats Manila was formed on the basis of respect for the craft and all its practitioners, and will continue to live by this value.

  • Polecats Manila will never exclude anyone based on his or her race, religion, appearance or sexual orientation.

  • Polecats Manila believes in going beyond personal gain. We promote the overall growth of the craft and all who practice it.

  • Polecats Manila strives for excellence in all pursuits, whether in teaching or performing.

  • Polecats Manila practices professionalism in all our dealings with students, clients and colleagues.

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Christina Dy, Margaret Jade Chua Lao, Kris Flojo, Amaya Gonzalez, Mirell Macalinao, Caryn Ortiz, Kayleen Ortiz, Myla Santiago, Donna Vitales

M E M B E R S 

Marga Alaguia, Leeanne Arnaldo, AJ Bautista, Nielsen David, Nikki Dizon, Duds Ignacio, Kyla Ortigas, Georgina Rovira, Mae Serranillo, Jenika Tolentino, Victoria Velasco, Hannah Villasis