Instructor Qualification Program  -- February 2019

Take your passion and skill in pole fitness to the next level. Prepare to #moveallways as you learn how to share this passion with others. Join the Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program this February 2019! 

The main objective is to deepen one's understanding of the art and science of pole fitness. The course covers basic tricks and spins, anatomy and physiology for pole dance practitioners, injury prevention, conditioning and flexibility pointers, and much more. 

Graduates of the program are now part of our current faculty, and some have even built their own studio with what they had learned from the course. We have also held this in Cebu, for Gold’s Gym JCentre, and Butuan, for Terra Nostra studio. 

This 40-hour program is fit for both seasoned instructors as well as students who simply want to learn more about the sport. The curriculum covers teaching Pole Beginners 1 and 2. If you think you are ready to take your love of pole fitness to the next level, fill out the form below! 

2019 Program Dates: 
February 2-3
February 9-10
February 16-17
February 23-24
Saturdays 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sundays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm with a lunch break from 12:00 nn - 1:00 pm

Polecats Manila, Ortigas
22nd Floor, Strata 100
F. Ortigas [formerly Emerald] Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig 1604
Metro Manila, Philippines

Regular Rate — Php 45,000
We accept bank deposit, check payment, credit card, or cash payment at the studio. For credit card payments, we accept 3-month instalment at 0% interest.

Early Bird Rate — Php 40,000
Valid until December 15, 2018 ONLY. Must be paid in a one-time transaction only.
Valid payment methods for this are check payment, bank deposit, cash payment at the studio, or credit card [no instalments for credit card transaction].

From Graduates: 


J O E D  | Polecats Manila, 360 Fitness Club

5 years ago, I would never have thought I would be doing pole fitness. More so, becoming a pole instructor.

I decided to join the Polecats IQP in the hopes of learning more about my body and the pole. I was never the strong, athletic type. My body is very slow in learning physical stuff – never played sports, nor had any dancing background. I even have sweaty hands and feet, stiff body and short limbs. Not the best combination to someone who does pole fitness. Thus, learning about how I can maximize what I have is what I always aim for. The IQP program is ideal for that. I got to have an in depth understanding of the body and the pole. It has also equipped me with how I can create a program for a class to be able to share my love for the pole.

I started out just wanting to learn more about this sport rather than really teaching it. But pole really surprises you, now I am able to handle a class of my own and even teach a number for the annual student showcase.

The IQP program has helped me be a better student and teacher at the same time. It has triggered my passion to share what I love and learn more about it. 


M A R G A | Polecats Manila

The Polecats Instructor Qualification Program is definitely one of the highlights of my pole journey. I loved pole so much from day 1, that I felt excited to have the opportunity to teach others. Of course, in classes we do teach each other as fellow students, but the teacher training takes it to the next level - ensuring you are equipped to teach in all aspects.

It starts off with the basics - anatomy, equipment, contact points, injury prevention and basic flexibility & conditioning aspects. Then, you learn how to structure classes and how to teach the transitions, spins and tricks - and of course, how to spot. You realize (even more) that teaching is a big responsibility. You owe it to your students to come prepared, and to make your class fun, yet challenging also.

I always say that the teacher training program not only helped me become a teacher, but it also allowed me to become a better student. I am able to understand and analyze new tricks better from the foundation I learned.

I definitely recommend the Polecats Instructor Qualification Program - not only for those who want to teach, but for those who would like to take their pole learning to the next level. It has definitely taken my pole journey beyond limits.


T I P P I | Polecats Manila

In the years that I’ve spent dancing, confidence and self-belief was always a challenge to attain. That first day I stepped into the Polecats studio – that was the day things really changed for me. Being surrounded by such brave and strong women that encouraged me to do better every single class brought out this kind of self-love that made me accept and appreciate my body, my abilities and my individuality. This was the reason I decided to join the Polecats Instructor Qualification Program – I wanted to do the same for other women and spread the love for dance and the aerial arts. 

The Polecats IQP, specifically for beginner levels 1 & 2, prepares instructors with the tools and skills one needs to train students on pole foundations. At the core of the studio’s values is (1) progression – wherein the understanding of tricks and spins, and taking things step-by-step is very important, so as to build strength, instill proper form and avoid injuries, and (2) growth – in physical strength, courage and self-belief. The program is a complete breakdown of all the things you’ll need to successfully pass this on to your students and to also help you, as an artist or performer, in being more creative in developing tricks and spins. 

Many opportunities have opened up since and I've met so many inspiring individuals (both students and co-teachers) because of the Polecats IQP. I cannot wait to see more people join our growing family of alumni.


B I A N C A | Polecats Manila

Stepping into the Polecats Manila studio years ago had me rediscovering my dancer self after years of no movement, and I loved it. My teachers and even my classmates were welcoming, encouraging, and empowering! As I progressed in my pole journey, I realized that I wanted to share this empowerment with others too. That’s where Polecats Manila’s IQP came in.

The IQP gave me the best venue to learn how to teach pole to beginner students – from building a curriculum, to warming up a class correctly, to spotting students safely as they execute tricks – while embodying Polecats Manila’s values and teaching philosophy. I didn’t also just learn how to be a teacher, the IQP helped me become a better student. I gained a whole new understanding of pole and the body, so I train better and smarter, to maximize my pole life! And most importantly, the program became an avenue for me to inspire others to try pole fitness and discover that they are capable of so much more strength and flexibility and grace than they thought! This is my favorite part of being an instructor.

For everyone thinking about taking the IQP this year – I can only say, DO IT! There’s so much to learn, and you’ll be better for it. 


I R A | Chrome Divas

The IQ program gave me the guidance on how to establish the back bone of my studio which is providing safe and motivational aerial classes for all. The program provided me a 360 degree overview on both improving my pole skills and how I can best transfer these skills to students of all levels. I highly recommend this program to those wanting to learn more about their craft in pole fitness or wanting to become instructors.