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Teacher Kris is the life of the party, and brings this spirit and fun to every class she teaches! 

"With every class I teach, I want the student to walk away surprised with what they can do. I want them to learn something about their body that they never knew before, and to learn new connections that they can use in everyday life. I like to keep it challenging, fun, empowering, with a smattering of sexy every now and then!"

Regular Classes: 
Pole Beginners and Intermediate, Pole Flow, Pole Dance

Workshops and Certifications Completed: 
Signature Moves by Natasha Wang | March 2012 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Basic Aerial Silks by Symone Dolai | September 2012 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Improv and Pole Choreography by Marlo Fisken | November 2012 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Rotations: The Art of Spinning On Static Pole by Marlo Fisken | November 2012 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
First Aid and Injury Prevention for Pole Dancers by Kristine Warren | February 2013 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Beginners Foundation by Crystal Lai | April 2013 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Instructor Training and Spotting Guidelines by Estee Zakar | May 2013 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Feel the Floor by Marion Crampe | December 2014 | Polecats Manila Studio