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Jenika had enjoyed pole dancing for five years, and always thought this sport would be a hobby for her. With every new class, competition, and performance, she finds herself continuously falling in love with the sport. She became a company member in 2019 and now teaches Intermediate Pole, Spinny Pole, and Aerial Hoop.

“It's really about having passion for the sport. Every class, I want my students to love what they're doing and find the passion within themselves to progress and get better each class.”

Regular Classes: 
Pole Intermediate, Pole Advanced, Spinny Pole, Aerial Hoop

Finalist, Women's Pole International Category, Seoul Internation Pole Championship 2018
Runner Up, Amateur Women's Pole Category, Philippine Aerial Cup 2018
Finalist, Level 4 Women's Pole Category, Pole Sport Organization Taiwan 2019

Workshops Attended: 
Flip It! by Oona Kivela 2019
House of Oona K by Oona Kivela 2019
Signature Tricks by Michelle Shimmy 2019
Frou Frou Sexy Pole by Maddie Sparkle 2019
Pole Intermediate by Elena Gibson 2018
Trick Clinic: Pole Drops and Flips by Kyla Ortigas 2018
Trick Clinic: Pole and Bendy Tricks and Combinations by Victoria Velasco 2018
Aerial Technique: Hoop Master Class by Amaya Gonzalez 2018
Trick Clinic: Handsprings and Deadlifts by Kayleen Ortiz 2018
Pole Duality Workshop by Kayleen Ortiz and Duds Ignacio 2017