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Teacher Fiona is a fashion retail merchandiser and a fitness enthusiast. She practices yoga, crossfit, indoor cycling, dance and is happy to try different work out to have a holistic approach to fitness.

She fell in love with pole and aerial fitness because it empowers an individual from being someone full of self-doubt and fear to accepting their bodies and recognizing their limitless potential. 

"Pole is not just something we do for fitness. It develops the individual not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The benefits go beyond the four walls of the studio"

In her class you can expect dancing to put together the tricks and spins learned in each class. She aims to improve student's musicality and embrace femininity so don't be afraid to dance to something sexy. 

Regular Classes: 
Mixed Beginners

Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program | September 2017 | Polecats Manila, Philippines

Workshops Attended:
The Addlib 6th Annual Dance Workshop | April-May, 2017 | The Addlib, Philippines
APC 2018 Floor Technique workshop with Fontaine | March 17 2018 | SLAP Dance Studio, Singapore
APC 2018 Heels Choreography workshop with Coco Rachel | March 19 2018 | SLAP Dance Studio, Singapore