Our momma cat and founder, CD has been teacher and mentor to almost all faculty at Polecats Manila. Her classes focus on pole fundamentals and foundations: what you need to understand to move smarter Always exploring movement techniques on the pole, on the floor, and on a chair, Teacher CD bases her lessons on physics and anatomy, to better explain and teach. Bonus: There's always a little sexiness thrown in as well! 

Teacher CD is also the Artistic Director of the company, and co-created the Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program. 

When she isn't in the studio creating dance steps and signature moves, she is drawing. Visit christinady.com for more of her work. 

Regular Classes: 
Pole Beginners 1, Dance, Flexibility 

Special Workshops:
Chair Dance, Hot Heels, Low Flow, Splits: On and Off the Pole 

Yoga for Older Adults, 50hour Teacher Training with Leslie Kazadi | October 2013; Urban Ashram Yoga, Philippines
Beginner Instructor Certificate, Viva Vertical Pole Dance Fitness | 2012, Aerial Arts Academy, Hong Kong

Co-Author of the Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program Manual, First Ed.

Served as Judge for Competitions: 
2017 Sultry Exotic Pole Dance Battle | Manila, Philippines
2016 SG Pole Challenge | Singapore
2014 Pole Stars Championship | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 Hong Kong China Pole Championships | Hong Kong

Workshops Attended:
Floor Flow with Jared Luna | 2017 , Polecats Manila, Philippines
Contact Improvisation with Josh Taylor | 2016, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Improv and Choreography with Marlo Fisken | 2015, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Work the Floor with Marlo Fisken | 2015, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Pole Flow with Marlo Fisken | 2015, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Pole Kour with Kenneth Kao | 2015, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Backbends Workshop | 2015, Urban Ashram Yoga, Philippines
Spotting with Estee Zakar | 2013, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Heels with Steven Retchless | 2013, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Chair Choreography with Marion Crampe | 2013, Polecats Manila, Philippines
Static Spins with Nadia Shariff | 2013, Polecats Manila, Philippines