Stellar Tickets Order Form


Hello! Welcome to the Stellar: Across the Universe tickets page! You can purchase your tickets in 3 easy steps. Here's how you can get tickets for the show:

Step 1: View the Meralco seat map below:

Take note of the section and seats you prefer. Then CLICK HERE to check ticket availability - each section has their own tab. 


  • GREEN seats are reserved for Stellar participant's 2 complimentary tickets. You may choose from the GREEN seats if you're claiming your 2 complimentary tickets
  • PURPLE seats are reserved pending payment.
  • RED seats are taken
  • WHITE are available seats
  • If you're claiming complimentary and purchasing tickets at the same time, fill up the form twice. Once for the complimentary and once for the additional purchase.

Step 2: Fill up the form below:

Step 3: Pay and pick up tickets.