Stellar in the Stars Ticket Request Form

You may purchase and request seats for Stellar in the Stars with these steps.

STEP 1: Choose your seats HERE.
Click the different TABS to see available seats. YELLOW ones are taken and RED ones are reserved for 24 hours pending payment. Those without color are available seats.

STEP 2: Fill up the form below:

Name *
Mobile Number *
Mobile Number
Please choose the section you want to book. There is a special section for Photographers. Please email us at with your portfolio if you want to be seated in this section.
Please enter the seat numbers of your preferred seat.
Please enter the name of the student who invited you for this event. You may leave the space blank if you're watching without an invite.

 STEP 3: Payment may be made using the following options:

Option 1: Bank Deposit to any of the following banks:

RCBC - Savings Account - 0000009024972017
BDO - Checking Account - 002860315566
Account Name: Polecats Inc

Email deposit slip to:

Option 2: Transfer payment via Paypal


Please note how many tickets and who the tickets are for in the comments.

 STEP 4: Pick up at the studio or at the venue

Terms and Conditions:

1) Your seat will be reserved for 24 hours pending payment. If payment is not received, we will release the seat numbers to other interested parties.
2) Please give at least 2 options for seat preference in case Option 1 is not available.
3) Orchestra tickets are Php 800 each and Balcony tickets are Php 500.
Bundle promo options are available:
Buy 5 Orchestra tickets for Php 3000 (save Php 1000)
Buy 5 Balcony tickets for Php 2000 (save Php 500)
Tickets should be purchased and paid for at one time. Tickets outside the bundle of 5 will be priced at regular rate.
4) Polecats Manila have the right to reassign seats if necessary. You will be informed beforehand in case this happens.