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“I’m not athletic nor flexible, my hands and feet sweat a lot, and the list goes on. But somehow, pole and aerial is possible for me.”

Teacher Joed found body love inside the studio, and hopes for others to feel the same confidence when they leave her class. Expect to be challenged, as she loves a good conditioning routine before moving on to pole tricks. An events and wedding planner by day, Teacher Joed spreads warmth and joy through her work, and through this part of her life, too! 

Regular Classes: 
Pole Beginners 1 and 2, Flexibility, Yoga

Certifications Competed: 
Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program | May 2016 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
15hrs Intensive with Carrie Owerko | February 2016 | Urban Ashram Manila, Philippines
200hrs Yogaworks Teacher Training | November 2015 | Urban Ashram Manila, Philippines

Workshops Attended: 
Polecats Duality | April 2016 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Sea, Surf and Sun Salutations | May 2015 | Urban Ashram Manila, Philippines
Front and Back Lever Development Workshop | May 2015 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Pole Acrobat Workshop | May 2015| Polecats Manila, Philippines
Stretch, Activate and Open Workshop | May 2015 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Flex & Pole Workshop with Marion Crampe | December 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Marion Crampe's Masterclass Workshop | December 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
All About Flexi Workshop with Anastasia Skukhtorova | December 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Aerial Silks Workshop with Ruby Karen | September 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines