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Jilley grew up trying different physical activities — she danced ballet when she was young, played volleyball and football as a hobby, and was a badminton varsity player. Until now, she enjoys doing different fitness hobbies like surfing, indoor cycling, yoga, boxing, and bodyweight training.

“The best thing about pole and aerial fitness is that, it not only builds physical strength, but also, and more importantly, builds emotional strength and self confidence. And I think, that’s what makes pole and aerial fitness magical.”

Jilley’s goal is to make everyone feel more confident, beautiful and comfortable with their own bodies on pole and hopefully the feeling lasts even after students leave the studio.

Regular Classes: 
Pole Beginners

Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program | September 2017 | Polecats Manila, Philippines

Workshops Attended:
Pole Masterclass with Marion Crampe | 2015 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Optimal Warm-Up and Cool Down with Ea Torrado | 2018 | Polecats Manila, Philippines