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Teacher Ahlyx is a theatre actress and dancer outside of pole, so you can always expect her to spice up every class with awesome dance moves and funky fresh steps. She loves exploring different dance styles in her classes, and wants to help others discover their own movement that way. 

Regular Classes: 
Pole Dance, Dance in Heels, Striptease

Certifications Completed:
Polecats Manila Instructor Qualification Program [Module: Beginners I and II] | May 2015 | Polecats Manila, Philippines   

Workshops Attended: 
Female Dancehall Workshop | October 2017 | Dancehall Manila, Philippines
The Lab: Powerheels By MissJoe Abuda  | June 2017 | The Addlib, Philippines
Feel The Floor By Marion Crampe | December 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Lyrical Pole By Amber Ray | September 2014 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Femme Pole By Steven Retchless | December 2013 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Sexy Chair By Marion Crampe | December 2013 | Polecats Manila, Philippines
Polesque By Crystal Lai | May 2013 | Polecats Manila,Philippines